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~ Photo Album ~

Kingston Location

On our way to...
On the way to Kingston
Welcome to Kingston
... future home of Monika's Organic Bakery!Monika's Organic Bakery in Kingston

Some Inside Views (before cleanup/remodel)

Floors before any changes... lots of work ahead!
Floor toward back b4Floor toward back door b4Floor toward front door b4Floor toward kitchen b4

Cleanup has begun...

before painting the floors

cleanup facing backcleanup facing front

after painting...

floor painted

...and back at moving things around...

inside 3Inside 2

work, work, work

workingcleaning 1


- MAJOR cleanup -

Stainless Steel Freezer   Glass Door Freezer     'Ice Cream' Chest Freezer
inside 3 door freezer 1  3door freezer afterice cream freezer b4 2  ice cream freezer afterInside 2 door freezer b4  glass freezer after
before   (well, half-way done)  afterbefore afterbeforeafter  - well, almost done

Some more pictures... just for fun!

ice cream freezer b4
Chest freezer while cleaning
wire shelf b4
One of the freezer shelves before...
wire shelf after
... and freezer shelves after cleaning

Office Corner
Clutter in frontCleaning cornercorner b4corner clean
Previous owner's stuffFinally, all gone...Ewwww....bugs, lots of them!Clean!! Yay!

"Preliminary" Office setup...  
corner with desk

A bunch of "before" & "after" pictures!

back door after Back door afterOffice door to outside b4 office door to outside afterOffice inside door b4 office inside door after

Dunnage (heavy duty storage) Racks - you guessed it! Before & After
dunnage racks beforedunnage racks after 5dunnage racks b4 2dunnage racks after4

Former Storage Room - future storage room (and office)
office after1
We thought this was enough....
... but it turns out...
... we needed the big guns!
after loosening dirt
Yep - that's AFTER mopping here a couple of times!

one of the storage room corners before
office corner b4
& after
office corner after

And the storage room after heavy duty cleaning!
Floor done

Build-out of back room - soon to be home to South Street Coffee
Storage after cleaning b4 finishing 2 Storage in progress 1 storage after cleaning b4 finishing Storage in progress 2 
more pics to come!

Oven b4  beforeOven after and after. Yep, it's THAT shiny!

Utility Room
Before and...  ... before! After pics will be posted later

Window(s) and Wall(s)
Office window b4
those bugs are a recurring theme...
wall b4 beforeWall after 1

Too bad there are no "before" pictures...
inside cabinet clean 2
heavy cabinet moved

A peek at the kitchen area...

kitchen 1 b4kitchen 2 b43basin sink b4

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