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Wheat Sandwich Breads Whole Wheat bread, topped with either sesame, poppy, or flour. Great, sturdy sandwich bread, has also been tested and approved for making grilled cheese. 

Made with organic ingredients. Sugar-, egg-, and dairy-free. Contains wheat.
Wheat Sandwich Bread - Large loaf-
Cost: $6.75

 ~ Topping choices: Plain, Sesame or Poppy ~
Available at farmers' markets only.
hefezopf1 Traditional German Hefezopf - braided, slightly sweet, whole wheat bread. It has a deliciously delicate texture that makes it a wonderful bread to use for sandwiches, French toast, or to just eat as is! Some refer to it as Challah... 

Made with organic ingredients. Contains wheat, eggs, dairy, sugar.
Hefezopf (Braided) / Challah-
Cost: 6.25

Available at farmers' markets only.

This is the real deal! One of the two most 'typical' German breads you'll ever find. Dense and chewy, mild-flavored sourdough rye. It is made of 100% rye with the rye berries (the grain) milled in-house to achieve its unique texture. Comes with either flax or sunflower seeds.

Made with organic ingredients. Sugar-, egg-, and dairy-free.
Vollkkornbrot - 100% Rye (sourdough) -
Cost: Whole: $7, Half: $4.25

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This is the 'other' authentic German sourdough rye. More traditional in the Sauerland (northern) region, hence its name. Also dense and chewy, much more tart-flavored mixed-flour bread. This contains mostly rye but also some spelt and wheat. No seeds, no yeast added. Great thinly sliced and toasted. Yum!

Made with organic ingredients. Sugar-, egg-, and dairy-free. Contains wheat.
Sauerlander - Rye mix (sourdough) -
Cost: Whole: $7, Half: $4.25

This item can be shipped

Pretzel Bread
Ready for a real treat?! This SOFT pretzel loaf is the equivalent of almost 7 pretzels and it is simply delicious. You can slice it up and serve as a side to your dinner or use it to make some open faced sandwiches.  

Made with organic ingredients. Egg-, and dairy-free. Contains wheat.
Pretzel Loaf-
Cost: $7 each

Available at farmers' markets only.

Gluten-Free* Bread
Part sorghum, part in-house-ground-up sunflower seeds, plus some more wholesome ingredients - this bread is simply amazing! It has a great crumb texture and tastes wonderful. Plus it's whole-grain! 

Made with organic ingredients. Sugar-, egg-, and dairy-free. 
Gluten-Free* Whole Grain Half-Loaf-
Cost: $6.25
This item can be shipped

* A note about wheatless/flourless/gluten-free products: while we strive to avoid cross-contamination with wheat or other gluten-containing grains, we cannot guarantee it as we do not (yet) have a separate, dedicated facility. All ingredients used are naturally gluten-free.

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