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Authentic German Breads, Crackers, Sweets and more

 Our journey began over 15 years ago when we, as newly-weds, settled in the Chicago area. Having grown up with the hearty, satisfying German fare and becoming more conscious of the quality and healthfulness of the food our family was eating, Monika decided to start baking her own breads and other German foods.

Armed with the knowledge that we are exposed to toxins every single day (with much of it beyond our control), eating organic foods became a major component of being healthy, and something we can influence by the choices we make. And after the children were born, it became clear we needed to provide our family with the best products available.

          The decision to use organic ingredients did not come lightly because they do come at a greater cost, monetarily speaking. But the more we realized the health benefits of doing so, the more we were determined to pursue this - as we acknowledged that high quality health can only be achieved by using high quality ingredients - organic, GMO-free, that is. So despite the higher cost, we truly believe it is worth it! Please note that while we strictly adhere to the organic principles and thus use only organic ingredients commonly available, we can't call our products 'organic' because of lack of certification. For the time being we will have to refer to our products as 'made with organic ingredients'. 

          In 2013 Monika completed a month-long apprenticeship with a German baker overseas and 'Monika's Organic Bakery' was launched 'officially.'

          We grind the whole rye berries into course flours when needed for our authentic German sourdough rye breads. That way they stay fresh and it will give the breads the most fiber possible.             

          We understand that making everything by hand, using organic, wholesome and mostly low-gluten ingredients makes the breads, crackers and other products a tad more pricy than things you can buy in a 'regular' store. With YOUR dollars you are supporting the people producing the foods, helping the creation of local jobs and preserving the environment.

* A note about wheatless products: while we strive to avoid cross-contamination with wheat, we cannot guarantee it as we do not (yet) have a separate, dedicated facility.

Monika's Organic Bakery, LLC, Sycamore IL 60178
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